When making the decision to update my website, I had clear ideas of how I wanted things to look – Amy has made my visions a reality! The process was highly collaborative and it was wonderful to work with Amy. I appreciated her flexibility of making adjustments and adding new elements, including a last-minute incorporation of a blog. She did an exquisite job of creating a professional site that incorporated my personality and style. I’ve already recommended her to colleagues and will continue to do so!

Elspeth N. Bell, Ph.D., Bell Center for Anxiety & Depression

Amy was great to work with and we are very happy with how she designed our new website. She’s responsive, friendly and very knowledgeable. She even took the time to document the steps for us to use on our own. We would highly recommend Amy to anyone with website design needs.

Dan Gottesman & Erin Kubo, UWRents

I really enjoyed working with Amy on developing my website for my original artwork! She is so knowledgeable and creative! I love how she helped me organize and display my work in an easy to navigate manner for online users. She also created an online store for me to sell my artwork. I highly recommend Amy for your website development needs!

Natalie Becker, Natalie's Art & Design

We love the website Amy built for us, and the experience of working with her could not have been better. Amy is a clear, organized, and prompt communicator, and she is great at explaining technical issues to laypeople. At a busy nonprofit with a small staff, it is so helpful to be able to outsource this work to someone we can trust. I highly recommend Newton Designs, and I look forward to continuing to work with Amy in the future!

Megan Tracy Benson, Empowering the Ages
Amy was highly recommended by many colleagues and after working with her, I can see why. From day one, she was professional, responsive, able to offer attention to each detail, and easy to communicate with. I had put off doing a website for a while, but her clarity on the process allowed me the trust to move forward with the plunge. She knows the ins and outs of design, is smart, quick and answers each question like a breeze, and I had many of them so that’s saying a lot. She has a good eye for what works, color themes, and images. Also she was very affordable, fair and upfront in her pricing. I couldn’t have had better luck than working with her to develop my webpage. I definitely recommend her for ease and to get a finished product you feel good about. I couldn’t be happier about how my page turned out.
Ashley Duquette, Ashley Duquette, LPC

I wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone looking for help with their website. Amy has been a godsend to me and my business. We communicate via email, and it is SO easy. Amy responds faster to my emails than my own family and quickly follows through with my requests and ideas as my website evolves! She is super competent and very helpful and kind. I was apprehensive about creating a website for my business for years, but working with Amy has been a true pleasure and given me peace of mind. Amy is the kind of professional everyone dreams about having in their corner, and I feel lucky to have her in mine.

Elena Borodyansky, Bel Mod Dental

Working with Amy was a excellent experience; I recall having some concern about not finding the right business or person that could work with me and my busy schedule. Amy was always responsive and available as I adapted to what my site vision would be; Amy also got to know me a bit and the work I do to create a style that fit so well for me! I couldn’t be happier. The time that it took to complete my site project was enjoyable and Amy always communicated with me. This helped me be in the loop along the way to eventually reach my desired end outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to continue to work with Amy and recommend her to others. Lastly, she helped me understand everything I needed to know and I never felt lost or uninvolved.

Alicia Beltran, Alicia Beltran, LCPC

I was searching for a web designer for my new business and a colleague put me in touch with Amy. I had been speaking with a couple of designers and I chose Amy for several reasons: 1) She spent time trying to understand the scope of my business needs and responded thoughtfully to my questions; 2) her prices felt incredibly reasonable (and she didn’t try to up-sell me on something that I didn’t want or didn’t need; 3) she was straightforward and responsive. Once I engaged Amy, I felt that she was patient with my questions, guided me carefully through her design process, and offered a candid point of view when I was flailing (all through email, by the way. Amazing!). The result was a website that reflects my personality and my message. I could not be more pleased and would recommend Amy (and already have) without hesitation.

Martha DeSilva, Owner, Nascent Leadership Coaching

I really enjoyed working with Amy in designing our new website. I found her correspondence to be very quick, friendly, and productive. She put together the backbone of our site very quickly and was patient as I made a number of small changes in the details towards the end of the project. She took any unexpected changes in stride and made the whole process seem very easy. I love the result! That the total project went quickly and the cost was very reasonable were added bonuses. I’ll absolutely work with Amy again for future website design needs.

Jake Weissman, Owner, Rainier Endodontics

I have worked with Amy Newton for years. She completely redesigned our website from top to bottom, makes time sensitive changes to our website promptly, and professionally maintains our site as necessary. It can be very challenging to find a blend of artistic vision, practical knowledge, technical know-how, professional demeanor and trustworthiness in a web designer. Amy brings all of these to the table and more. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Britt Rathbone, Rathbone & Associates

I have been planning on doing my own personal website for my business and publications for several years but, frankly, had been dreading the process. After having spoken to Amy at length about my needs and wishes, I decided to bite the bullet and make the commitment. The concept and design process could not have been easier. Amy was always quick to respond with ideas and suggestions, as well as making changes as we worked through the development. I found her fees to be extremely reasonable and estimate of the time needed to be spot on. Amy was an absolute delight to work with and I could not be more thrilled with my new website! I highly recommend Newton Designs.

Sharon Covington, Sharon Covington, LCSW-C

I’d been putting off the migration and redesign of our publication’s fairly old and large blog for a couple of years as I looked for a Web designer who inspired enough confidence in me and could do the project within the budget I had to work with. As I researched the process of moving a WordPress.com blog to a self-hosted WordPress site and learned about the many ways it could go wrong, I knew I couldn’t take a chance on anyone who wasn’t a great communicator, sensitive to my vision of how the new blog should look and work, and able to handle both the design and technical sides of migrating a large and active blog.

I’d begun to give up on finding the right person to do the job when a friend of a friend mentioned having had a good experience working with Amy Newton of Newton Designs. During our initial exchanges, Amy immediately made me feel like the project could be done and that she understood what I was looking for.

As we got under way, she provided a crucial framework to guide us through the various stages of the process. She patiently helped me work out the possibilities for how the blog would look and was always willing to refine and re-refine any aspect of the design to fit my often poorly articulated vision of the new site’s appearance and organization. She engaged in crucial troubleshooting with WordPress and our blog’s hosting company during our blog’s migration process, and was steadily available by email to assuage my concerns if anything went wrong or seemed to go wrong.

There were a lot of moving parts to keep track of during the process, but the final result was a new blog that pretty much exactly fit the ideal blog I’d had in my head when I started. The new site has a much more clean and contemporary look and increased readability, is mobile-friendly, has essential plug-ins for data tracking and improved SEO strategies, needs minimal regular maintenance, and allows us the possibility to easily make certain changes to menus or add new pages and other elements as needed.

So far the blog has received a lot of compliments since we launched and I’ve had no technical issue. Amy continues to be available to address ongoing questions as they arise. I highly recommend her expertise.

Jacob Molyneux, senior editor/social media strategy, American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

I reluctantly started my search for a web designer after hearing some bad stories of other people’s experiences. I stumbled upon Newton Designs and after the first time talking on the phone, I knew I didn’t have to look anymore.

Amy is a god send! She has been so patient with me and my on again, off again schedule. Also, with taking as much time as needed to explain things to me and make 100% sure that I was aware of what’s going on. I was immediately impressed by her extreme professionalism and responsiveness! I never had to wait more than just a few minutes to hear back from her, even on weekends and late nights. I knew really early on that I could trust Amy. I always feel so comfortable and at ease, which is a huge importance to me, especially knowing what’s out there! I had a clear vision as to how I wanted my website to look and she executed it better than I could ever imagined. Giving great advice along the way. All at a really fair price! I am pretty certain that you won’t be able to find what Amy can offer, at her price, anywhere else!

I am so happy and lucky to have come across Newton Designs in my search for a web designer! I will recommend Amy to everyone looking for a web designer! Thank you so much for everything!

Marisa Comperatore, Owner, Lady M Designs

After spending dozens of hours creating my own sub-par websites, I finally decided to take the plunge and hire a web designer. I’m so glad that I found Amy Newton! She was knowledgeable, very responsive, patient, worked with me on my ever-changing vision of the site, and had quick turnaround. I watched as she took my original website that I’d been reluctant to promote and transformed it into something that I’m excited to show other people. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a web designer.

Adia Colar, Writer

When it was time to create my second website to reflect the brick-and-mortar shop of my dreams, I knew it was going to be challenging because of my one-of-a-kind inventory. What was no challenge at all was what web designer to use. Amy is a patient, meticulous, and thorough businesswoman who respected my special needs and brought them, with my constant input, to fruition. I was way more than pleased and would highly recommend her to any business that wants their site to be user friendly and exactly what they had in mind and more!

Mari Schofield, Owner, winnie & belle

Working with Amy Newton was a pleasure. Not only is she a talented designer and developer, but she is also patient and discerning. She understood the direction I wanted to go in and helped me to define my vision into something tangible. It was important to me that my web site was organized and easy to navigate, but perhaps most importantly, I wanted it to reflect my personality and style. She understood that and helped me to create a site that I’m crazy about!

Lisa Hom, Freelance Writer & Editor

For several years, my sad little business website plodded along. I had hastily built my own site and dreamed of someday hiring a “real” web person to completely redesign it. I finally pulled the trigger and e-mailed Newton Designs, and I would strongly encourage anyone looking for help with their own business website to do the same!

Amy not only tolerated my fits of “creative genius,” but was able to bring to life exactly the designs I envisioned in my head. She offered suggestions along the way that improved the look and functionality of the site but still left me in control of the design, which made her job more difficult. Thanks to Amy’s individualized approach, I was able to contribute much more to the look of my site than many other web design firms would have the time or patience to allow.

Newton Designs allowed me to finally bring to fruition the web site I had neither the skills nor the time to create. I could not be more pleased with the finished product, and I could not be more impressed with the patience, professionalism, and talent of Newton Designs.

Amy Moore, Owner, Olive & James Bakery

Professional, responsive and pleasant to work with, Newton Designs is highly recommended.

Amy Shiman, Principal, Brownstone Capital

Amy Newton and the small business owner are a perfect match when it comes to website design! She is accommodating, prompt and completely professional. I highly recommend her services.

Gina Kelly, Owner, ESL with Gina Kelly

I had long admired my friend Amy Gurvitz’s website and was excited to work with her web designer, Amy Newton, whom she had spoken very highly of. Within just a couple of months, Amy had my site (elizabethjenkins.com) up and running-and it probably would have taken her half the time had I not been slow doing my part!

I cannot say enough good things about Amy and about my experience working with her. I am thrilled with how my site turned out; it’s exactly what I’d hoped for, from the color scheme to the typestyles. Since I am not exactly a computer person, she made sure I understood what she was talking about, from tags to favicons. Her prices are very reasonable ($20/hour lower than other people I’ve heard about), she was really quick over email and was also really enthusiastic, which I appreciated. We never actually spoke on the phone, which honestly made things easier because we didn’t lose time playing phone tag. (Of course she is available by phone for anyone who prefers to communicate that way!) Nevertheless, I feel like I know her well and hope we get the chance to meet in person some day.

Elizabeth Jenkins, Writer/Editor, Elizabeth Jenkins

Many thanks for taking my vision, that was basically drawn out on loose leaf paper, and turning it into a professional site that shows anyone who visits it that The Love Sack is a reputable, successful business! Your style and manner of working fits well with mine and allowed us to move through to completion very easily.

I love my new site!

Jenny Smith, Owner, The Love Sack

Amy is very knowledgeable and she showed tremendous patience as she walked Judi and me through the many areas of website design. Amy was receptive to our ideas and would provide us with samples of our suggestions as we gradually defined and refined our design presentations. She was instrumental in setting up our online retailing with its Mals-e commerce cart and Paypal credit card payment arrangement.

I highly recommend Amy as someone to work with. She is smart, talented, very courteous… Judi and I had conference calls with Amy so there was no issue with our doing business from different states. We’re anticipating a very successful retail business as people become familiar with our brand and we’re most appreciative to Amy for this successful launch.

Susan Inman, Barth & McCallig

Amy was highly recommended to me by colleagues and friends, and now I understand why. Working with Amy was a great experience for so many reasons. In addition to her knowledge and skill as a designer, she was patient, efficient, and so easy to work with. She was completely open to my input, and respected my ideas; no matter what I described to her, she was always willing to give it a try. When I wanted to implement some more complicated features, she immediately set out to not only make the functionality work, but to make it look great, too!

I’m especially appreciative of the time Amy took to clarify the more technical aspects that were over my head, and how quickly she responded to my emails. Her explanations were always so precise and detailed, I felt like we were working together in the same room, as opposed to half a country away. And at one point, we were even half a world away! I was traveling a lot during the process, but regardless of my temporary lapses in communication, Amy was totally understanding, always there to bring me up to speed and remind me of our next steps. I absolutely love my site and have already received numerous compliments on it, namely, how beautiful it looks and how simple it is to navigate. I found Newton Designs through my colleagues’ praise for Amy, so I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to rave about my experience, hopefully doing the same for others.

Erin Jepsen, Freelance Writer

Amy is a pleasure to work with because of her terrific creativity and work style. She is collaborative, helpful as a sounding board and has great ideas about structuring websites. She was responsive, timely and efficient and creating an entirely new website from start to finish took less than three months. I highly recommend working with Amy.

Margie Peskin, Owner, Search Forward

We are so pleased with the look, navigation, and functionality of our site. Amy did a beautiful job. She was a pleasure to work with and made designing our site an enjoyable and rewarding process. I was most pleased by her quick responsiveness to questions, ability to clearly convey ideas, and openness to feedback. We can truly say that we have exactly the kind of site that we wanted. Thanks Amy!

Brian Corrado, Licensed Psychologist, The Bethesda Group Psychological Services, LLC

Working with Amy was such an easy, pleasurable experience! I would recommend her to anyone thinking about creating a website. She was able to take my vision and make it into this wonderful site. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know a thing about websites, but Amy explained it all in great detail and in a way that I could understand. I look forward to working with Newton Designs in the future!! Thanks again!

Denise Del Russo, Freelance Make-Up Artist

When I decided to have a new website built for my e-commerce business I felt overwhelmed and anxious about the entire process. I am not what you would call computer savvy. I found Amy’s site through a colleague who had used her services in the past and was very satisfied with the results.

From the very first conversation, Amy was friendly, professional, informative, insightful and accommodating. She made each step easy and explained exactly what she needed from me in a clear and non-technical way. She made the entire process painless! Moreover, I gave her a tight deadline, which she met with no problems or complaints. In this day and age, it is a rare pleasure to find a person as competent and thoughtful as Amy. I would have no reservations recommending her services to anyone who needs a web designer.

Owner, Clever Rabbit Clothing

Thank you for making the process of setting up a website for our photography business so painless! We avoided doing this because the idea seemed overwhelming and intimidating. Your approach made this exactly the opposite. Your creativity, knowledge, patience and work style combined to help us visualize and express what we really wanted. We are getting great compliments on our site and wish we’d found you sooner!

We are excited about our new site that gives a true picture of who we are and what we do today, and also is flexible for changes that may come tomorrow.

P.S. It’s unbelievable to us that this was accomplished totally via emails! No stressful time-consuming meetings! You’re the best.

Steve & Jackie Jensen, Owners, IC Pixx

I can’t say enough how happy I am with Amy’s work, her upbeat attitude about the project, how she so graciously accommodated our changes and setbacks, and how involved she became on every level to make this site redesign such a success! I will definitely recommend her to my friends and colleagues; when the time comes for a revamp, she will be our designer of choice.

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for making my website look exactly the way I had envisioned! You went above and beyond helping me and I can’t thank you enough. I am very grateful for the attention to detail and customer service you provided. I will always consider Newton Designs for future web updates and plan to refer all of my clients to you. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Sabrina Bouyahi, Push the Envelope PR

When I approached Newton Designs to create a web site for my company, I had no real vision in mind of how to represent my business. I left all the design decisions up to them and the outcome was more fantastic than I could have ever dreamed of! The appearance of my logo is unique and most definitely customized to send a message. Newton Designs works in a responsible, efficient and reliable manner. I feel very lucky to have them on my team.

Barb Friedman, President, Organize IT

Realizing that parents of future preschoolers rely on the computer for most every aspect of their lives, I knew that a website for advertising was necessary. Since I know nothing about computers and websites, I knew I needed someone to design a site for me that could talk me through everything, was accessible, and reasonably priced. As I renewed my phone book advertisement, I asked my representative for information on designing a website for Kinderfarm. At the same time I approached Amy Newton whose son was attending our summer preschool program. Both gave me examples of sites they had set up for me to view. Amy’s sites were amazing! They were colorful, inviting, and easy to navigate. I was hooked! I knew that she just had to design our website!

The rest they say is history. Within the course of two weeks, we had our website up and running. Amy talked me through setting up a domain, setting up the homepage, and getting an email address. She was so very easy to work with and even put up with some of my extra fussy requests! I would definitely recommend Newton Designs to anyone thinking of setting up a website! I am looking forward to working with Amy in the future.

Heather Shoemaker, Owner/Director, Kinderfarm Preschool

I was online one day shopping at one of my favorite boutiques- Happy Tuesday. At this time I had been inquiring with friends and family about the whereabouts of a good web designer for my blossoming jewelry business. Although I had several names and contacts I kept going back to the Happy Tuesday site when the light bulb went on!

I wanted the company that did Happy Tuesdays to design my site. I am an artist and am not savvy at all with computers. I do not know the lingo however I had an absolute visual of exactly how I wanted my site to look. I dropped Newton Designs a quick email and forgot about it. That same day I received a lovely email back from Amy Newton introducing herself and the company. I was so comfortable that I signed on with her within 48 hours.

I am so happy I did. My site is perfect. Amy was completely hands on, easy to work with, full of great ideas, always available and listened to me. All of the feedback I ever receive is how easy it is to travel my site, how beautiful and creative it is. I am forever grateful that I chose Newton-Designs.com and Amy, to guide me through the maze of this and come out the other end beyond satisfied.

Mari Keating Schofield, Owner, Through Mari’s Eyes

Our department was one of the first in the University of Iowa to have its own website and since then there have been few updates and almost no design changes. We knew that we needed a new website to reflect our innovative research and excellent graduate and postdoctoral programs in the department and were recommended to contact Newton Designs. Amy worked well with our Website Committee and was able to accommodate all of our opinions, ideas and challenges. The wheels of change can move slowly in some departments and our project took longer than anticipated but Amy kept her positive attitude and willingness to be extremely helpful all throughout the entire process. She was able to design a site that exceeded our expectations and will allow for easy updates in the future. If you are looking for someone who is very good at what she does and really enjoyable to work with I would most certainly recommend Amy Newton for your website design needs.

Angie Lamb, Secretary to the Chair, Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

My dream has always been to open up my own boutique. Whether it’s an online store or a brick-n-mortar store, I think it’s crucial to have a presence on the web. At first, I didn’t know who was going to help me put this together so I layed out all the pages so I had clear vision as to what I wanted to site to look like. But in speaking to Amy, I knew that she understood exactly what I was looking for and that she would be someone I could work well with and have fun. She has great expertise in this field in both technical and design sense of the word. She is able to think outside the box and is open to bouncing off different ideas to make the final product the best of the best!!

In addition to the numerous accolades that I can say about Amy, the one thing that I appreciated the most though out this whole process was her excellent communication skills. I have to say that I was concerned initially that she lived in Iowa and I was in New York, but after working with her for a couple of hours I knew I had nothing to worry about. Amy was so on top of every little detail, made any necessary changes as needed, and uploaded all the pages with such dedication and ease. When we were ready to launch, I couldn’t believe that everything that we’ve worked so hard on was finally becoming reality. It was almost like planning your wedding day or having a baby. Amy played a vital role in making my dream come true.

If you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, I absolutely recommend Newton Designs. This is one investment that will be worthwhile…

Grace Kang, Owner, Pink Olive Boutique

After working with Newton Designs for 6 years on my What Fun site, there was no question of who to work with for my second business. Again, Amy made the entire process easier for me. I came to her with specific ideas this time, and she replicated exactly what I had envisioned. Even though I changed my mind many times and was very picky about the details, Amy was always patient and worked it out until it was perfect. I know I didn’t make her job easy, but she certainly made mine!

Susan Turnock, Owner, Itsy Bitsy & Bold

If I had known how painless creating a web site would be I would have done it much earlier. Amy was so professional and easy to work with. We gave her a look/direction we wanted and she ran with it. We are thrilled with the results and everyone who has seen it is very impressed.

The shopping “cart” system was what I thought would be so complicated, but it turned out to be so easy! In a matter of minutes after the site was ready to launch, I could check orders and felt totally comfortable with the process. Thank you Amy!

Lisa Williamson, Owner, Happy Tuesday

Thank you very much for the very professional and creative job you’ve done for us with the BES web site. As a member, I am now proud of the web presence that the public and other agencies see upon their visit to our home page. It’s clean, crisp, and demonstrates who we are and what we do. THANKS again for all your help.

Andy Amalfitano, Unit # 3185, Boulder Emergency Squad

As a writer kicking off a full-time freelance career, launching a website was a necessity, as there’s no better way to show work samples to potential employers, especially if they live across the country. Before contacting Amy I had an idea of how I wanted my site to look, but didn’t know how to turn my vision into reality. Once I spoke with her, I could tell she understood exactly what I wanted, and I knew she was the perfect person to work with.

From the layout to the colors to the fonts, Amy helped with every single detail, including uploading the pages and pushing the site live when we were done. She was always able to explain the “technical” details to me, like why doing things a certain way would probably help my site appear higher up on search engines. As an added bonus, she was able to get the site done on my super-short timeline, and stayed within my budget, which I appreciated. I am so happy with the results, and have received tons of compliments on my site. I wholeheartedly recommend Newton Designs.

Amy Gurvitz, Freelance Writer

As a business that specializes in custom made stationery, the “look” and “feel” of our site had to be luxurious, simple, and intimate. We wanted it to also be well designed to match our aesthetic. Newton Designs accomplished all of our goals for our site. Amy was extremely conscientious, patient, ingenuitive and responsive to our needs. She is a great communicator; she was able to listen to our needs, explain parameters, and suggest solutions. Most importantly Newton Designs delivers the results they promise.

Our clients constantly remind us what our original goals for our site. Daily we hear how well designed and reflective it is of our work. We can thank Newton Designs for that!

Heather Arak, Arak Kanofsky Studios

Newton Designs is solely responsible for our presence on the web. At first, we weren’t going to have a web site, but they made it so easy with their creative ideas and solutions that it required very little attention on our part. We have had immeasurable growth from the web; our client database has grown, our retail sales have skyrocketed, and we have been able to reach thousands of customers that we would have never reached otherwise.

Newton Designs perfectly translated our product personality to the web and made sure that the site was in sync with what we wanted to portray. They retouched photos, created graphics, and edited content.

The most valuable part for us was that they educated us on e-commerce, set up the entire cart system, and updated it accordingly as our business grew. They made sure that it was a system we could handle and that it met our exact needs at that time. This has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level.

Susan Turnock, Creator, What Fun! Incorporated

When my business partner and I started our own magazine in 2001, we knew we needed to have a Web presence to help gain readership, but, beyond securing a domain and a hosting service, were unsure how to go about designing a Web site. I happened upon Newton Designs while visiting one of its clients’ sites and was intrigued by Amy’s offer of total customization. After a few e-mails, I was impressed with her attentiveness, her ideas and her price range. And after a slew of e-mails and lots of late-night chatting, our fabulous Web site was born! Amy is not only professional and conscientious, but very patient and easy to work with. Oh, and less than 24 hours of our site being “live,” as they say, we got a subscription.

Dina Santorelli, Editor, The Home Pages

Teamwork is essential for the success of any business, and for a small business, it’s difficult to put together the right team to make a website become a reality. At Axscents for Home, we intended to develop our website on our own in house. After fumbling through some website development packages and going nowhere, we looked for outside help to get the website on track. We were referred to Newton Designs.

Amy at Newton Designs had us answer some questions about what we were trying to accomplish and had us sketch out by hand the conceptual “look-and-feel” of our web pages. Once she had this information, she set out a timetable and a reasonable fee estimate, and she then started developing our website as fast as we could provide the raw information needed. Newton Designs handled all graphics, buttons, minor photo retouching, and numerous creative enhancements in a professional manner. We elected not to use a professional photographer, a graphic designer or copywriter, yet we believe that our website is an excellent start for our business thanks to Newton Designs.

We highly recommend Newton Designs to become part of your website development team.

David Sakamoto, President, Axscents for Home, Inc.

On the verge of going with this factory line/template company we were referred to Newton Designs by a friend. After seeing the first page of Newton Designs website it was clear that we wanted Amy to create our website. Emphasis was placed on easy navigation and affordability along with an inviting web atmosphere.

Amy is continuously patient with our questions and experience and with the various aspects of an E-business. Her experience and knowledge of the web design has been most beneficial for Coffee Kulture Inc.’s website. Since our site has gone LIVE we continue to receive repeat compliments on our design and the ease of navigation throughout our website.

Kenneth Kearney, Coffee Kulture Inc.